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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

~Tagged by del~

tagged agn.. wahaha... so fun~~!!! here we go!!

~ Favourite colours: White, pink, orange~~ (i lurve them all bright!!~)
~ Favourite food: Steamed Crabs... like them all natural...
~ Favourite movies: so many movies i like~ (Love Actually, Saving Private Ryan, Pirates of the Carribean, Brotherhood)
~ Favourite sport: Basketball.. (haha... funny huh.. so short still play b-ball.. my coach always says must use speed to conquer height.. prob is.. i dun have speed also..ahhh.. damn~~!!)
~ Favourite days of the week: Fri, Sat & Sun
~ Favourite ice-cream: anything with chocolate or mint
~ Favourite TV shows: Desperate Housewives, ANTM, The Amazing Race
~ Current mood: Neutral
~ Current taste: Sporty~
~Current clothes: Racerback top and shorts
~ Current desktop: Acer
~ Current thoughts: Anything to eat??.. hehe
~ First best friend: Meiying (my pri sch buddy.. hope i can keep in touch with her now, even our mums are best buddies then.. haha)
~ First crush: haha... in primary sch too~~
~ First movie: The Mask... watched it with jy.. haha.. since then, i think i became a movie junkie.. simply love movies...
~ First lie: dun rem of coz... told so many lies... oops... white lies... for the gd of all.. wahaha
~ Music: soft rock... anything that can get me moving...
~ Last cigarette: never smoked before... i really hate smokers..
~ Last drink: Milk tea.. that explains why i can't sleep now...
~ Last car ride: last week..a stranger drove me home... i paid him..
~ Last crush: those who noe me well enough shld noe. wahaha...
~ Last phone call: 3 hrs ago with an ex-colleague
~ Last CD played: Stars~ The Best of the Cranberries
~ Have you ever dated one of your best friends: Nope..
~ Have you ever broken the law: does not keeping left on the escalator count??
~ Have you ever been arrested: OF COS NOT!
~ Have you ever skinny dipped: Nope.. haven tried.. discussed with a fren before, must do that in a faraway land where no one noes me.. hehe
~ Have you ever kissed someone you don’t know: Never~~
~ Have you ever loved and lost somebody: hmmm... not really..
~ Single, taken or crushing? Single... already choosing the shelves that i'll be left on... haha
~ Are you happy with your life now? Nooo... not happy~~ it could be better!!!
~When you meet the right person, do you fall in love with him/her fast? I think i will.. if the feeling is right~~
~ Have you ever had your heart broken? ya...
~ Would you take someone back if he/she cheats on you? Fat chance~~!! i hate cheaters~!!
~ Have you ever talked about marriage with another before? Definitely~ knowing many pple getting or planning for marriage... it's a wonderful thing to happen for 2 pple who love each other~
~ Do you want children? Yup yup... i love kids!!
~ How many? 2... one boy, one gal.. hehe..
~ Would you ever consider adoption? Not really...
~ If someone likes you right now, what do you think is the best way to let you know his/her feelings? woo hoo~~ ask me out, watch lomantic movie..tell me face to face.. hehe... straightforward is gd....
~ What is the furtherest thing you and your ex did? not applicable coz no ex..
~ Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes, i believe
~ You believe you can change someone? no intention to change pple... maybe for their bad habits..
~ Have you ever wished that you could have someone but you messed it up? erm... no... i dun messed things up... wahaha... he messed it up himself... wahaha...
~ Are you missing someone now? Hmm… maybe
~ Now, you have to ask 5 of your friends to do this survey in their blogs. Write down their names in the list below. Tag them in their blogs to let them know.
1. YY
2. KY
3. JY
4. Jordan
5. my little sis..

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Monday, October 09, 2006

~things are changing~
shift in management, re-organisation in teams... yea~ damn waste of time and resources.. oh heck, that's what my coy is made up of... anyway, gotta live with it until the day i leave...

did some stuff to pamper myself recently... yea~ i needed that.. went for weekly workouts to tone up.. (ok, maybe i can do that for free.. no need to spend that much $$.. haha) and finally... my spa session... got voucher to subsidise a bit.. so juz go for it... anyway, never been to one before... sounds pretty sua ku ya... btw, the session is super shiok.. all my tense muscles were relaxed... better blood circulation... haha.. maybe it's all in the mind... maybe it's not.. quite ex.. wun be gg often... maybe a few times a yr is enough... hehe...

something cropped up for my korean trip though... the agency called to say they needed to discuss sth with me.. shit~ they said they have flights to go to korea but but but no flights back!!!! what is this?? the return flight apparently was over-bked by 100 plus pple... duhz... so whose fault issit?? we bked for the trip so early.. in mid-aug, thot everything shld have been confirmed... my mood was dampened that day... my long-awaited trip.. suddenly i dun feel the excitement anymore...
took the agency 2 days to get back to us.. and was told that i need to pay an extra $80 dollars for the change in airline.. initial price was $180, they said they'll charge us $100 only... wow~~ thanks man!! not grateful for that by the way... we tried to negotiate furthur to $80... haiz.. really dun care liao.. i juz wan my holiday... one thing that's for sure... i'm never gg back to that agency agn... disappointing...
last week past pretty fast... zoom>>>> and the weekend is here..
watched 2 movies over the weekend... wtc and u, me and dupree.. preferred the latter, owen wilson is hilarious.. liked his character more as the movie proceeds... now i noe why is there a NC-16 rating.. hmmm....haha.. one motivating thing from the movie... u need that -ness to move on, get things done seriously... so i need lotsa eve-ness right now!! yea~~!!
love the last scene when mollie told carl that no matter what, they'll not leave each other alone, they are in it together... so touching... coz not many pple can do that... it's such a mutual thing~ hmmm...
for wtc, it's not what i expected.. quite moving though.. must learn to treasure ur loved ones, treat them nicely every single day... u never noe when will be the last time u'll see them..

gg to read my bk liao... nice bk by michael crichton called state of fear~
until then~

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Friday, September 08, 2006

~my jap boss~
My boss.... someone i had a love-hate relationship with... wahaha.... ya... sometimes i hate him, sometimes he's okay... he's definitely not the boss i wish i'll have for the whole of my working life... been working under him for about 10 months now.. more or less know how he wans things to be done.. one thing i can't stand abt him is the way he works... very mood-oriented.. he's got mood swings 3.5 out of 5 days.. worse than me!!! i only have mood swings for a few days in a month... he's been stressing me abt this project i'm handling.. some amt of urgency there, i understand... i also wan to do this project well... at least complete everything until mass pro.. then have other plans if u noe what i mean... hehe... sometimes he's very nagging, we called him the old gramophone that keeps playing the same old song... perfect description~~

this boss of mine has his "cute" side also... really buay tahan when he acts cute... but then he's so funny sometimes... i can't help it but laugh at his actions... see where the love in the love-hate relationship comes from... he's not someone who expresses his feelings well... so many times, we may misunderstood each other, made worse by the language barrier.. still he hopes that we can communicate more with him.. something which i appreciate.. last week, i'm really stuck with what i'm doing.. too many pending issues.. fixed a time with him, discussed for a long time.. casual talk in btw... i noe what he expects from me and he noes what problems and limitations from my side.. he gives advice, as well as niam a bit here and there...

Earlier this week, he did something that really touched me... but only for a few moments... haha.. cannot be taken in by this old fox ok... we told ourselves... haha... was working until quite late on tue... close to 9pm.. tidying up some stuff before gg back.. he came to my seat, stood behind me... i was like: huh? dun come and ask me to report hor... i really wanna go home liao...
then he started talking.. handed me this small pouch in his hand, said: A mechanical engineer should have this, will be very useful.. small but at least it can be of use when u needed it..
i took it from him.. he asked me to open it and see... it was a pocket-sized gadget which opens up to become a pair of pliers, with many small gadgets at the sides of the handles (e.g. screwdriver (plus/minus), tiny blade, filer, ruler)... really multi-purpose... i was like.. wow, nice man... and yesh.. for that moment i was touched... after a while, i left with my colleague and i told him what happened.. he too got sth from my boss.. since he's from electrical side, he got a multimeter.. and we both agreed for that moment, we were touched.. haha...
the next day, the other 2 of my colleagues also got their "gifts"... we all felt that he finally noes how to show his appreciation for us... but we shall not be fooled... wahaha... see how it goes... my team is gg to be down by one soon... again...

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

~on the way to a healthy lifestyle~

been spending quite a lot of money lately for the past 2 weeks.... my korea trip.. my amore fitness package... dinner n ktv with jc pals... hmmm... still got my driving lessons to come... that'll be after my holiday bah... need to control a bit liao..

signed up for amore at woodlands on tue with jordan... both of us decided we need some serious workout... planned to get the 3-mth package first but think the 1 yr one (with 48 lessons) will be better... must think long term... save more money this way... haha.. The package is such that i can go to any of the classes at any branch, subjected to availability and prior booking... Must go to the gym on the same day as the lesson, well i definitely dun mind... went for my first lesson at boon lay branch on sat.. intro to step workout.. recommended for step beginners.. not too bad... seriously, i dun rem when was the last time i sweat it out... so 10 mins into it, i was panting and sweating like nobody's business.... eventually, it gets better with familiarity of the steps and cues from the instructor.. there's one routine that combines some of the leg movement... jordan calls it "limb disorder".. wahaha... hard to co-ordinate the limbs... gd start for the first lesson... looking forward to more~~~ after that, we checked out the gym... can cool down from the intensive workout also... figuring out how some of the gadgets work...a bit suaku.. but then, there's always a first time.. took a nice shower before setting off to meet jc pals for dinner at sakae sushi..

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Korea~~ here i come~~!!!

Finally, my big break is coming in less than 2 months... woohoo~ yesh yesh, i'm rejoicing... planning for this holiday since mar... missed the natas fair earlier this yr... hehe.. can't afford to miss the travel fair over the weekend.. checked out CTC holidays, SA tours.... finally settled for Chan Brothers bec of the reasonable price... Kinda undecided where to go... there're so many places i want to go.. planning for aussie at first.... then we saw all the great offers for korea~~ quickly grab lo... quite sure of what we want budget-wise, there's not much expectation of the tour package though coz it's abt the same across diff agencies..
It'll be autumn during october.. best time to see maple leaves... hehe.. will be gg for 8 days from Oct 17 ~ 24... only need to take 3 days of leave~~ thank god my boss approved it yest.. haha.. must try to finish my stuff within schedule before i go for holiday... counting down....
Already browsing the official website for tourism in korea... nice and informative..

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Monday, August 21, 2006

~It's time for a change~

I need a change badly... any change to begin with...
but the prob is i dunno what i wan...
so damn tired....
tired of everything....

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Monday, August 14, 2006


click click click.. how nice if we can have full control of our lives... juz with a click of the button.. having control is gd but too much control is bad... learnt a lot from the movie "Click"..
watched the late night timing on sat... haha.. i like late night shows... yea, the movie...laughed my head off many times.. so damn funny.. certainly gd to have a universal remote if u wanna pull pranks on pple... Adam Sandler.. loved him since "The Wedding Singer" to "50 First Dates".. the funny kind of guy i like.. haha... looks ok nvm... must be humourous~~!! must entertain me... wahaha... this movie reminds me of another movie, "Wait till you're older" starring Andy Lau, but the latter has a much sadder ending...
some lessons learnt: 1)Family comes first- make time for them no matter how busy u r, never ever sacrifice them for work (wish i could show my boss that, too bad he's single, no family here.. how??)
2) For some reason, life is not always smooth. The ups and downs in life are to make us stronger, better equip to face larger things later on.. very much like our immune system.. skipping some phases, taking shortcuts is a no-no.. learning is an impt process in life..
3) Never take things for granted. Cherish everything u have now.. and i mean CHERISH... Second chances dun usually happen unless u are living in Hollywood where u can find a magical mailbox by the lake house or wake up to realise it's all a bad dream after all...

went to watch 3 of the 4 fireworks display last week... spectacular... like the way they bring life to the sky in the night.. the whole place was very crowded, but it's nice to share the beautiful sight with so many pple.. the best view i had was on fri, juz outside fullerton.. think the place where u viewed the fireworks from, makes a great difference..
woo hoo~ can't wait for next yr's fireworks festival~~
Here are some pics~ sorry abt the coconut tree though... haha

It's been a yr since that incident.. many things had changed.. glad that i've moved on.. so glad..

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